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Wolves and Humans | Wolf Team - Wolf Team - Aeria Games
Positives: Climbing/running on walls! Increased movement speed: Heavy melee damage: Bonus HP: Advanced Wolf species gain extra abilities. Negatives: No .

Wolves RULE Tiered Spender | Wolf Team - Wolf Team - Aeria Games
Wolves RULE Tiered Spender Starts: March 16 at 9PM PDT Ends: March 19 at 9PM PDT We all know Wolves rule... why? They look badass, they are super .

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    • Game Features | Wolf Team - Wolf Team - Aeria Games
      In certain modes players can even play as other types of wolves such as ghost wolves that can turn invisible. Wolf Team has several addictive game modes to .

      Game Modes | Wolf Team - Wolf Team - Aeria Games
      Winning the Game: Kills / Time Limit: The team that kills the most within a time frame, or that reaches the Kill goal first wins. Species: Wolf's are not allowed for .


    • Download | Wolf Team - Wolf Team - Aeria Games
      Wolf Team is a Free-to-Download and Free-to-Play FPS MMO! Players can team up for a werewolf shooting rampage or turn into a werewolves that can climb .

      Story | Wolf Team
      Wolf Team - Back Story . and taken to laboratories for experimentation and these early creatures lead to the "Wolf Team" being established a year later.

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    • Gameplay | Wolf Team - Wolf Team - Aeria Games
      1: Objective Status: This section of the interface varies by game mode. It tracks which team is in the lead and shows which team has Wolf transformations .

      Wolf Team Cinematic (Aeria Games) - YouTube
      Jun 2, 2009 . Wolf Team is a 3D First-Person Shooter (FPS) that allows players to play as either . Download and play for FREE! http://wolfteam.aeriagames.com/ . Wolf Team Korean Song with Wolf Danceby WolfteamAeria45155 views .


    • Sniping with Wolves - OrihimeInoue (AeriaGames' WolfTeam ...
      Mar 23, 2011 . I'm sniping with a sniper I recently purchased and fully upgraded. I also am using a "lion" tattoo(which explains certain avoided deaths) .

      Wolfteam Game Review - MMO Hut
      Wolfteam is a unique 3D MMOFPS by Softnyx that's truly one of the most polished shooters out there. . Publisher: Aeria Games . thumbs wolfteam wolf kill .

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    • Wolf Team - MMO Game from MMOHUNTER.COM
      Wolf Team is a free-to-play 3D MMOFPS by Aeria Games. . ranged combat, or as bare-handed wolves taking on opponents in melee battle in a head-on style.

      Wolfteam - Free To Play - OnRPG.com
      Wolves on the other hand have no ranged attack but are faster and stronger than their . Wolf Team has several addictive game modes to choose from ranging from the . Developer: Aeria Games; Genre: FPS; Category: Free To Play; Platform: .

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