why math majors don't teach

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Yoon Ha Lee // Math // How to Survive Being a Math Major
Aug 4, 2011 . It seems to me that there are two kinds of math majors: (a) those who eat, . are really good (I don't mean easy, I mean effective at teaching) and .

Why would-be engineers end up as English majors - CNN.com
May 21, 2011 . Fewer biology and math majors means fewer doctors and engineers later. . more science majors than they expect to graduate, and don't teach .

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    • What Can You Do With A Math Major? | CollegeXpress
      You don't have to teach math or be a mathematician when you graduate with a math degree. There are many jobs for math majors that don't even require any .

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    • Math Majors, Programmers as Backup Plan? [Archive] - Physics Forums
      Sep 26, 2009 . I'm an applied math major with a minor in physics, aiming for grad school. . that be enough programming experience in the event that "things don't pan out? . and I have to say what will get the job will be more than what they teach you at uni.

      Proof that Politicians Aren't Math Majors | Magnet Angel
      Jul 10, 2011 . I'm not a math major, even though I gave birth to one. . and volunteer to teach for free on those days–just so long as they don't teach math.


    • What is it like to major in math? - Quora
      (I am not saying math majors don't find high paying jobs.) People major in math because . What is it like to teach Singapore Math in the US? See more related .

      What could I do with a math major? | Department of Mathematics
      Here is some data about what some of our WU math majors planned at the time of graduation. . Teaching mathematics is a challenging and rewarding experience for those who . Of course, most math majors don't plan to be mathematicians.

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