trauma to the front teeth loose

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Mouth and dental injuries in children (Beyond the Basics)
Feb 7, 2012 . Dislocated or loose primary tooth The most common injury to the primary teeth is dislocation of the front teeth. The management of these .

Does a hit tooth almost always die? - tooth hit nerve | Ask MetaFilter
Dec 21, 2010 . Another complication is that a front tooth may discolor after trauma. . It took the one that died a good nine months to stop feeling loose.

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    • Knocked two front teeth out...knocked two teeth loose...need 4 root ...
      Mar 16, 2010 . I knocked my two front teeth completely out after a nasty fall. Each tooth that was on the side of each front tooth was knocked loose as well. . It can take quite some time for teeth to settle down after such a traumatic injury.


    • Injury to Permanent Teeth
      Injury to Permanent Teeth - Prevention and treatment of tooth injuries. . What can be done if a tooth has been knocked loose? What can . Impact Injuries from sports accidents or assaults often affect the front teeth, as they are most vulnerable.§ion=1&page=8

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    • Dentistry: Root Canal, two front teeth, tooth repair
      May 26, 2009 . two front teeth, tooth repair, faint line: Hi Katy, I am SO sorry to hear about . Trauma to teeth can be a difficult thing to treat correctly and in most cases . my procedure but I am still in alot of pain and my loose tooth worries me, .

      Loose Teeth
      The other possible cause for a loose tooth is some type of mouth trauma. . However in adults, loose front teeth are a sign that something is seriously wrong with .

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    • Acute Dental Trauma (Aftercare Instructions) - Care Guide
      You are also more likely to have a dental injury if you have any of the following conditions: Brittle or loose teeth. Dental caries (tooth decay). Overbite. This is .

      Splinting - Treatment for Loose Teeth
      Looseness of teeth is mostly caused by secondary trauma, as a result of bacterial . The approach to treatment of loose teeth is both biologic and mechanical. . to the inside surfaces of the lower front (incisor) teeth to provide stabilization.

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