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Funny Stories Madlibs Fill in the Blanks
Fill in the blanks below to create your own funny story: . Page] [Crafts] [Funny Kid Stories] [Great Kid Links] Play hangman online .

Fill in the blanks and see what develops! [ Read-a-Story ] [ See-a-Story ] [ Hear-a- Story ] [ Finish-a-Story ] [ Decide-a-Story ] [ Fill-in-a-Story ] [ Send-a-Story ] .

Create a story - PBS Kids
Fill in the blanks to create a story about you, your friends, and one wild day! 1) Adjective: 2) Your Street Name: 3) Name of your Friend: 4) Part of a house: .

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    • Wacky Web Tales
      An online equivalent to Mad-Libs. More than four dozen tales to choose among.

      Blue's Clues Fill-in-the-Blank Stories
      Ask your kids the questions on each printable story, fill in their answers, and read the finished story aloud.

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    • BAB Books AdLib - Create Your Own Silly Story
      We have several different Adlibs to play; fill in the blanks below for your random story to begin. If you would like a different random Adlib, hit the Refresh or .

      Story set ups - story ideas for storytelling children
      Fill-in-the-blank story setups. Super Easy Storytelling Story Setups are a fun, easy way to teach kids how simple it is to change the course of a story with the .


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