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A Glossary of Terms Surrounding Foundation Repair
A slab foundation is reinforced with steel rebar and/or steel stressed cables, and other methods. Slab foundations may have footers made of the same materials.

Slab Jacking - Slabjacking - Slabjack - What is Slab Jacking?
Learn how slab jacking might be a foundation repair method that will help level and . But as concrete became a predominant building material, concrete slabs .

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    • Green Code Pro | 4.505.2 Concrete Slab Foundations (Vapor ...
      Concrete slab foundations required to have a vapor retarder by California . and the concrete floor slab, or other approved equivalent methods or materials shall .


    • Foundation Repair? Understanding Residential Slab Underpinning ...
      Slab on Grade Foundation Systems gained popularity on a mass scale after . How does a proper repair method compare to less reliable repair systems. . are stiff enough to buffer potentially damaging soil and subgrade material movement, .

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    • Concrete Slab Floors - How To Information |
      However, improper installation method, lack of soil compaction or shifts in the . Slab foundations are often seen in warm climates where shallow frost lines do . Slate tile flooring is one of the finer materials you can install in your home, and .

      What is a Post-Tension Slab?
      A post-tension slab is a slab of concrete that has been pre-stressed to . Even though concrete is a very rigid material, it has a natural weakness . Several methods exist for pre-stressing concrete, with post-tensioning being a . Many modern homes are built on a post-tension slab, which serves as an excellent foundation.


    • How to Repair Damaged Foundations, Foundation Cracks, Slab ...
      Repair Methods and Products for Damaged Foundations, walls, & slabs . foundation materials, extent of cracking, impact of the crack on the building, and .

      This material may be reprinted for personal and educational non-commercial use only. . authors and webmasters for . In spite of this, post-tensioning is generally considered to be a superior method of .

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    • Concrete Slab Foundation Repair Methods: A Contractor Will Fix ...
      Jun 14, 2009 . Concrete Slab Foundation Repair Methods . it's more involved, more invasive, and involves more labor, mechanical tools, and materials.

      slabs or between slabs and foundation walls shall be sealed with a caulk or sealant. Gaps and joints shall be cleared of loose material and filled with .

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