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Large Hadron Collider - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The LHC will operate at 4 TeV per beam until the end of 2012, 0.5 TeV higher than . In particle physics colliders are used as a research tool, by accelerating .

Tevatron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Tevatron is a circular particle accelerator in the United States, at the Fermi National . as Fermilab), just east of Batavia, Illinois, and is the second highest energy particle collider in the world . Consumer Price Index (estimate) 1800– 2012.

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    • The Past, Future, and Particle Colliders - Alicia Hunsicker
      Friday, March 2, 2012. The Past, Future, and Particle Colliders . Particle collider detectors are the eyes scientists use to visualize the smallest building blocks of .

      Large Hadron Collider - Science - The New York Times
      Find articles and multimedia about Large Hadron Collider from the New York Times. . Wednesday, April 4, 2012 . One prime target is a mysterious particle called the Higgs that is thought to endow other particles with mass, according to the .


    • Particle collider cranks up to new world record | DAWN.COM
      10 hours ago . GENEVA: The world's largest particle collider notched up a new record on Thursday as it escalated its quest to find fundamental matter and .

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