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Low Power Broadcast Radio Stations Audio Division (FCC) USA
PROHIBITED FORMS OF LOW POWER OPERATION. A license or a construction permit is required for forms of operation in the AM and FM radio broadcast .

Highest Quality Low-Power, Part 15 Compliant, AM Transmitter Kits
Constant 100 mW input power regardless . 1 dB audio response, low distortion .

Low Power Radio and Broadcast Company: AM Transmitter Products
High performance-low power AM broadcast transmitter: SSTRAN AMT3000, AMT5000, BC-100, MW-250 AM transmitter. Assembled or Kit. For home or .

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    • Low Power AM Radio (LPAM) | REC Networks
      Low Power AM Radio (LPAM). Low Power AM (LPAM) is a term that is currently used to identify legal very low power stations operating under Part 15 of the FCC .

      Procaster low power AM transmitter
      Chezradio 2012 ChezRadio Airwave Freedom Broadcast to any AM radio using the Procaster AM Transmitter Sturdy Construction The Procaster uses a rigid .


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    • Make Your Own Low-Power AM Radio Transmitter - Science Buddies
      Feb 1, 2012 . Experiment with building an AM radio transmitter in this electronics science fair project idea.

      Lower Power AM Transmitter
      Radio Systems' TR-6000 Transmitter is a solid state, variable power, 10 watt digitally-synthesized AM transmitter with internal audio limiter and detector circuitry.


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