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Hydnum repandum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hydnum repandum, commonly known as the Wood Hedgehog or Hedgehog mushroom . Older specimens may have a mildly bitter taste; thorough cooking may .

Cook's Thesaurus: Mushrooms
Cook them before eating. cloud ear mushroom = cloud ear fungus = mo-er mushroom Notes: It's hard to find these fresh, but dried cloud ears are an excellent .

Edible Mushrooms | MDC
Pictures and descriptions show you how to hunt, identify and cook Missouri's . When and Where: Spring, summer and fall, growing in grass, soil or wood chips. . Description: These fungi appear as clumps of branching stems which point upward. . Other names include bear's head, satyr's beard and hedgehog mushroom.

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    • Wild Food Guide: Hedgehog Mushroom, (Hydnum repandum ...
      Dec 22, 2011 . Celtnet Wild Food Guide entry for: Hedgehog Mushroom (Hydnum repandum), Including Recipes and cooking information. . as Dentinum repandum, Hedgehog Fungus, Pied de Mouton, Wood Hedgehog, Wood Urchin) is an .

      Fanciest, Wackiest and Craziest Shapes of Edible Mushrooms
      Jun 10, 2009 . See some species of edible fungi with the most peculiar and unusual shapes. . It is considered edible when cooked, although some people . The Wood Hedgehog is an edible species that is notable for its spore-bearing .


    • Edible Mushrooms by sanunewa
      It smells distinctly of anise and is very tasty when cooked. Edible Stump Fungus . Edible Mushrooms: Wood hedgehog fungus (Hydnum rufescens). Both this .

      Other Mushroom Species Recipes
      2 Blewit; 0 Caesar's Mushroom; 0 Cauliflower Fungus; 0 Hedgehog Fungus; 1 Puffballs; 0 St George's Mushroom; 0 The Miller . Wood Blewit Lepista nuda OK . cover with milk and cook on a low heat for about three quarters of an hour.

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    • Types of Mushroom | strange true facts|strange weird stuff|weird ...
      Jun 7, 2011 . When cooked, the Puffball mushroom taste like “tofu” or melted cheese. . Chicken of the woods, the chicken mushroom or chicken fungus, sulphur . Hedgehog Fungus, hydnoid fungi, tooth fungi, sweet tooth fungus also .

      Chicken of the Woods/Sulphur Shelf (Laetiporus Sulphureus ...
      Hedgehog (Hydnum repandum, H. umbilicatum). Horse and . Evaluating Flavor using basic cooking processes . Stem L. sulphureus is usually short or often broadly attached to the wood. . Laetiporus cincinnatus at Tom Volk's Fungi .


    • HUNTER-GATHERING: wild & fresh food: Hedgehogs...
      Oct 30, 2008 . This is about my favourite wild mushroom: The hedgehog fungus. . when raw, hedgehogs are quite bitter, this is removed during cooking. . operation in amongst a beech wood and ahead of me lay stacks of hedgehogs in .

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    • Hedgehog Mushrooms Information, Recipes and Facts
      The Hedgehog mushroom's peppery flavor becomes milder as it cooks. . be found growing in mixed deciduous and coniferous wood habitats in North America, .

      My Fungi Photo Gallery | truffleandmushroomhunter
      Chanterelles, these are the yellow ones Hedgehog Fungus are the ones with spines and the purple ones . Chicken of the Woods and a corner of Dryads Saddle in left hand corner. . White Coral, this fungus is edible but very delicate to cook !

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